Guide to Council Building

Guide to Council Building
floor Facilities area
7F Machine Room 273㎡
6F Public Gallery, Film Library, Health Club 1,671㎡
5F Plenary Chamber, Lounge, Office of Floor Leader,
Public Relation Division(Public Relations, Communications & Civil Affairs),
Office of the Special Committee on Budge and Accounts
4F Chairperson’s Office, Vice Chairperson’s Office, Steering Committee 1,430㎡
3F Standing Committee’s Offices(Planning, Finance & Economics Affairs / Administration &Culture / Welfare and Environment / Construction and Transportation / Maritime Affairs and Urban Planning and Safety / Education), Public Relations Division(Media), Briefing Room 4,520㎡
2F Secretary General’s Office, Planning & Human Resources Division, Proceeding Division, Legislation & Finance Division, Policy Support Division, Public Relations Center of Council, Conference Room(Medium, Grand) 2,379㎡
1F Council Library, Drivers Room 253㎡

Guide to Member's Office Building

Guide to Council Building
floor Facilities area
4F Council Administration Research(No.401~411) Information Cente(☎+82-51-888-8640~1, FAX +82-51-888-8649) 1,430㎡
3F Council Administration Research(No 301~311) Information Center (☎+82-51-888-8630~1, FAX +82-51-888-8639) 4,520㎡
2F Council Administration Research(No. 201~211) Information Center (☎+82-51-888-8620~1, FAX +82-51-888-8629) 2,379㎡
1F Council Administration Research(No.106,108호), Office of Floor Leader,
Special Committee on Ethics, Office of Special Expert Commissioner
Information Center (☎+82-51-888-8610~1, FAX +82-51-888-8619)
B1F Conference Room 18,734㎡